Judy Marie Trimbur

Judy Marie Trimbur is the president and founder of Judy Marie's Miracles of Health Inc., a dietary supplement company based in Loveland, Colorado since 1992.

Starting with a vision that everyone deserves equality in life, healing, and prosperity, the company is now spreading miracles globally. Judy's desire is to provide the highest quality of herbal products and teach principles of health that began over 30 years ago when she herself was able to heal from many health-related challenges.

All Natural Formulas

Her clients and customers worldwide benefit greatly from the company's all natural formulas, her nutritional & spiritual counseling, and her multi-modality healing sessions.

Inspire Others

In 2014, Judy released her first book, She Thought She Could She Did, a memoir of her own miraculous healing journey over numerous health conditions existing since childhood. Her intention with this initial publication was to inspire others to believe in the potential to heal themselves by providing the motivation and tools to effectively transform their lives.

In her newest book, Second Wind, she offers a guide to hope, help, and healing. It will show you how to create purpose beyond any pain you are experiencing and demonstrate how creating a 'second wind' in life is the key to weathering any of life’s challenges. Each chapter contains stories, exercises, and practical health suggestions for better sleep, digestion, and brain functioning that can serve to strengthen your relationships and emotional well-being.

Wonders Await

By diving into her inspirational books with an open heart and mind, you’ll be able to see what wonders await you. Rediscover your own internal motivation to heal, and how you can catch your own ‘second wind’ in life so you can soar! It's time to believe in miracles again and to embrace the possibilities of transforming an ordinary life into an extraordinary one!

Judy embraces being a healing warrior, as well as an inspirational teacher and spiritual mentor to offer 1:1 health restoration. She enjoys presenting to groups as a guest lecturer, workshop facilitator, and/or keynote speaker.

Her Motivational Speaking Topics Include

⦁ “Finding Purpose Beyond Your Pain”
⦁ “Winds of Change: Create or Disintegrate.”
⦁ “Your Health is Your Wealth”
⦁ “Intuition is Your NorthStar”
⦁ “Making Peace with Estrangement”
⦁ “Activate Your Extraordinary Gifts”
⦁ “Ignite the Fire in Your Soul”
⦁ “Become a Magnificent Spiritual Warrior”

Reach out to Judy to schedule a session, meeting, or to book an engagement where she will share her own miraculous story
and inspirational insights to living a healthier, more fulfilling life!