Service 1

BioHealing Sessions

Tesla BioHealers are used for mild to moderate conditions and diseases but with use overtime it can naturally address more severe situations.

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Service 2

Iridology Services

An initial Iridology Session consists of a 30 min wellness follow up after the initial appointment, a 30-Day Wellness Program and a Muscle Testing (kinesiology).

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Service 3

Wellness Consultations

The session covers nutrition, spiritual guidance, health advice, and much more to set you on the path to success.

Welcome to

Judy Marie's World of Wellness

Meet Judy Marie, an author, herbalist, iridologist, entrepreneur, and consultant with extensive knowledge in the area of holistic wellness. Passionate about sharing her expertise and empowering people to achieve their wellness goals, Judy is dedicated to making natural health options accessible to everyone.



We will teach you how to relax more


Learn how to take care of injuring you might have


Get in touch with yourself

Enjoy Life

Learn how to enjoy your life more


We keep our prices reasonable so everyone can benefit from our services.

BioHealing Sessions 2 hours $125
Iridology Services 30 min. $250
Wellness Consultations 30 min. $45


We will teach you what nutrition your body needs


Generate pure Life Force Energy


Nutritional plan with supplement, nutritional suggestion, goals, intentions and affirmations


Elevate your health and wellbeing with a consolation today

Judy Marie


Judy Marie

Judy Marie Trimbur is the president and founder of Judy Marie's Miracles of Health Inc., a dietary supplement company based in Loveland, Colorado since 1992.

Judy Marie

Starting with a vision that everyone deserves equality in life, healing, and prosperity, the company is now spreading miracles globally. Judy's desire is to provide the highest quality of herbal products and teach principles of health that began over 30 years ago when she herself was able to heal from many health-related challenges.


Books & Services

Experience Her Wisdom

Make this the day you take control of your health and happiness. Let Judy Marie guide you through a holistic wellness journey of self-discovery.

Second Wind

Judy Marie's captivating new book, "Second Wind," shares her transformative journey from life-threatening illnesses to complete health.

She Thought, She Could, She Did

The story of a woman who was told she would be in a wheelchair by the age of thirty, but instead of giving up, she listened to the Divine Voice of God.

Online Classes

Register for Our Free Bi-weekly Health Classes with Judy Marie


From Biohealing, Iridology and Wellness we have services to help you in your life.



Our Clients Say

Learn what people say about us

I have purchased several items from Miracles of Health over the last year and I have never been disappointed. My favorite purchases have been the Miracle Choice Salve and the CBD Bath Bombs. The Bath Bombs smell like heaven, the coconut oil is soothing and the CBD is relaxing. These bombs elevate a simple Epsom salt bath to a new level. After the bath I use the salve on tired aching muscles to complete my own mini spa at home. Probably the best part is knowing that these products only use basic natural ingredients which I look for all the time these days. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Kelly Tarantini

I did the 30 day detox/cleanse and I feel good! I noticed that I never felt bloated, went to the bathroom more (but not like an emergency, which I was afraid of) and I want to cut down on dairy products and bread going forward. I also love making smoothies with the Pura Greens! Thank you Judy and the team!

Kris Edwards

I highly recommend Miracles of Health Products. I have suffered with digestive issues for 29 years. The brain and gut are intimately connected/Microbiome. So not only did I experience digestive issues; it carried over to a disruption in my brain health, which affects the entire body. I discovered Pura Cleanse Super Herb and Fiber Detox / Cleanse Caps over 3 months ago. These products have changed my life. My health is improving by the day! (Scoop and capsule) Thank you for the development of a natural product that is improving my health and quality of life.

Lisha Wallace

I have enjoyed my experiences talking to the team at Miracles of Health. The knowledge they have for different CBD & Natural Cleanse products is second to none. If you are in the market for these items, reach out to them!

John Kennedy

Miracles of Health is truly a miracle. They have some of the highest quality CBD oil you can get. The customer service is phenomenal. Karen is super sweet.

Sarah Smith


The Second Wind Podcast

Welcome to the Second Wind Podcast, dedicated to guiding you towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life


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